31 August 2013

The Purge

Whenever I hear the word Purge its usually preceded by Binge, so when I heard about the movie, that's the direction my mind went into.
The chilling thriller however told me otherwise.
It showed a world in the future where once a year, you were allowed to do any crime and not get punished for it.
Since I was born and raised in lawless India, this idea did not seem all that appealing to me.
However, *plot twist* the movie focuses on a family rather than the issue as a whole. A family, ironically, that sold security equipment to families to keep them safe from The Purge. 
A family that gets attacked just because of the money they make from that and which in turns drives their neighbors crazy.
Seem interesting yet?
I didn't think so.
The director felt that there wasn't enough depth in the movie as of yet, so let's add a black guy in the mix, show a bit of racism of the Pre-civil war era and, boom! we have some flavor. 
The main hero (I think he is the hero, I wasn't really sure how these characters had been set hierarchically) dies, in a very anticlimactic way, and the rest of the family gets saved just in the nick of time by the black guy that they gave refuge to initially, then once under attack for the same guy, tried to offer him up, and at the end of the day parted ways like absolute strangers.
The Good: The initial concept, the picturisation, the acting of specific characters.
The Bad: Thin storyline without any commitment to any agenda as such, direction and of course, the blood splatter.
All in all, it can be seen once, however I highly doubt you should recommend it to others.