17 September 2013


Why is that every time I see Diego Boneta onscreen, my mind immediately screams, 'Go Diego, go, go, Diego!'
Oh, yes, that's right, because I am the creepy adult woman who insists on watch Dora the Explorer and yelling the answers at the screen.

Underemployed is an adorable TV show that follows the life and times of recent graduates to a T. The struggle of employment along with the ever prevalent horrors of one's love life have been wonderfully captured by all the carefully constructed characters.
One wants to become an actor and/or model to no success.
One wants to make it in the advertising industry just to fall for her boss.
One who becomes pregnant.
One who gets the previous one preggers and then has to ask his dad for a job.
One who has a crap job and has to deal with issues regarding sexuality.
It is fast paced and witty along with being alarmingly accurate of how crap life can really be.
And that's despite all the people being pretty and thin.
Great acting coupled with a brilliant soundtrack makes the handful of episodes of Underemployed that do exist are a thrill to watch.
The Good: It's all good. Trust me.
The Bad: There is not enough of Diego Boneta to go around.

Kick Ass2

When I first saw this movie in 2010 and just like everyone else I fell deeply in love with everything Kick Ass.
From the absolutely incredible storyline to the amazing acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (for acting read, beautiful eyes) there was everything that you wanted from life in this movie.
Kick Ass2 on the other hand, not so much.
Turns out that you can take Nicholas Cage out of the movie and it still doesn't get better.
We have fast forwarded into the future where thanks to Kick Ass's sheer courage and strength the rest of the world has followed in his footsteps and have decided to take matters in their own hands. Meanwhile, both Red Mist and Hit Girl are reeling in the aftermath of their dads death. Hit Girl reacts by skipping school, lying to her guardian and working out like a crazy person.
On the other hand, Red Mist goes mega-crazy, kills his mum in a freak accident, demands revenge on Kick Ass for what he did to his dad and then becomes a Super Villain and when all creativity fails he changes his name to MotherF***er. 
Hit Girl is training Kick Ass to become better at his game which gives him a sense of purpose. Which is apparently to literally get his ass kicked by a girl about 5 years younger than him.
Hit Girl in a moment of hormones decides to forgo the life of crime and instead dedicates herself to becoming a Prima Donna head case of a teenager. Cue for a Union J music Video which causes said hormones to spiral even further.
The story was sadly as unpractical as the last one was realistic. Which was an absolute shame.
Kick Ass was reduced to nothing, because for about 2/3rd's of the movie all he does is walk about.
All the coarse language and amazing fight sequences cannot make up for that.
There were more characters in this movie to keep track of and if you are anything but a baby genius then you will have a hard time with ALL the names.
All in all it was a shot to the heart of all those who loved the first one.

The Good: Aaron seemed to have perfected the skill of making his body look like that of a Greek god.
The Bad: The last scene with the kiss between Kick Ass and Hit Girl, because all I could think of was,                 "She is FIVE years younger than you! Get offa her!"
                 Yes, you can call me a prude.

12 September 2013

Warm Bodies

Put Nicholas Hoult in anything and I will watch it. Though this movie I wish I didn't.

I think what they did was get caught up in the two raging concepts of 2012
1. 'Young teen girls falling in love with non-human entities.'
2. Zombies
The latter of which obviously worked for Twilight, so they did the exact same thing here.
Get an incredibly attractive guy for lead role, which is of course something you would never trust and could potentially danger your life and wash his color out with excessive white makeup. Then you get a dead-behind-the-eyes but still pretty girl to play the strong yet easily mislead by the Angel in the Devil's costume and fall in love with him and do anything to save him.
Advertise a lot.
And boom!
You have yourself a multi-million dollar profit.
Warm Bodies did inject humor every now and then, which was a good effort but in the grand scheme of things didn't really measure up.
It seemed slightly whimsically made, which is my nice way of saying, it seemed like an 12 year old girl's mind came up with it.
All in all, if you love Nick H. like we are all prone to do, then you may watch it in fast forward. Which is what I did after about 15 minutes when I realized what a waste of my time it was becoming.
But anything other than that, and you have no excuse to be watching this movie.

The Good: They employed an America's Next Top Model contestant as a cast member.
The Bad: It disappointed me so much.


There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the amazing acting abilities of Ranbir Kapoor. He along with Priyanka Chopra ensure that once you see this movie you will never stop watching.

This movie truly expands beyond the boundaries of the quintessential Bollywood movie, and really shows that the Indian audience can bear things other than scenes where the hero punches the ground and 10 gundas fall.
A deaf guy, Barfi son of a widower father falls in love with a hearing girl, only to see that her family does not approve. She marries someone else, a richer, wealthier someone else, but she always has Barfi in her heart.
Barfi is reacquainted with severely autistic, childhood friend Jhilmil, who is all grown up and ready to enter society. 
This is an unconventional love story which makes you feel sad, happy and loved all at the same time. 
With absolutely lovely music to accompany the brilliant acting of both the otherwise abled people this movie promises to make you cry and laugh at the same time. 
Ranbir Kapoor seems to do no wrong, until of course Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. His potrayal was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, did justice to the role of a street-smart guy.
Priyanka Chopra, as beautiful as she is managed to do so well in her part that you would believe that she wasn't acting, but merely doing what she has done for her entire life.
The Other Girl, as I like to call her, was alright. She had a great deal of a role, but she didn't really do a lot with it. Or maybe she was just overshadowed by the shine of the duo who are of course excellent. But she was just a write off in my head, they could have had anyone else do that bit and still the movie would have not been affected.
The Good: Direction, and Ranbir Kapoor
The Bad: You can't stop watching/talking about it. You will become one of those people who watch Breaking Bad and go crazy

11 September 2013

The Conjuring

You know that moment when you are washing your hair in the shower and just for a few seconds you close your eyes, only to find that your mind comes up with the most scary images and you end up opening your eyes and getting shampoo in them?
Well, The Conjuring is like that moment that goes on for two whole hours. 
That coupled with the fact that it is based on tried events scare the bejesus out of me. 
This movie is like every movie that you weren't allowed to watch as a child and did anyway and got nightmares after. 
It follows the life of two demonologists, The Warrens who were popular in the 70's. They would find and deal with things possessed or were otherwise affected by those of unnatural orgins. Until that one fateful meeting with a woman who compined that her house and her faniky was being haunted. 
Ed and clairvoyant Lorraine Warren head out into the desolate woods to help rid the family of the curse that they bore. 
What follows is a horror story with the eerie similarity of The Poltergiest and The Exorsict series. Which makes sense, seeing as the movie is made by the creators of the same. 
But since the last few movies I had that claimed to be of the nature of horror, were the disappointing Paranormal series, this movie stuck with me for days. 
This movie is excellently made with great cinematography. Well placed dialogues make sure that the parts of explanation don't drag on and are interesting to listening to. 
I am ashamed to admit that I was one of the few people who did scream like a very little girl at a lot of scenes in this movie. 
Suggestio: Watch this movie once and be scared of it for the rest of your life rather than watch it again and find or too be less impressive that what you originally thought. 
The Good: Great acting, especially by Vera Farmiga which does justice to the storyline.
The Bad: You will be scared to pee on your own for the next two weeks. 

10 September 2013

Monsters University

Who are we?
What do we want?
Monsters Inc. was an unbelievably amazing movie with an out of the box idea to show the other side of the closet.
I absolutely love everything about it. From the storyline, to the excellent animation, to the scripting of the movie.
Billy Crystal is my new favorite man. You will notice that My Favorite Man keeps changing quite often.
But having said that, he has done a great job in this movie.
It is a great movie that while is a sequel to Monsters Inc. it is also a prequel to it.
Confusing, right?
But once you start watching and you get into the hang of things, you understand straightaway.
It is a retelling of the classic story of two people from different tracks of life with the same goal realizing that they aren't so different after all.
With a rag-tag group of scraggly monsters by their side they start working towards achieving this goal.
It shows the exact stereotypes that exist in an college campus in a hilarious light, while making sure the true point of the movie comes through.
Each character has been carefully crafted, with precision to their personality which gives credit to the hard work of the writers.
It is a feel-good movie that you can watch with along with everyone.
The Good: The excellent dialogue.
The Bad: Where is my Monsters 3?

Now You See Me

As a person who is a follower of everything magic, this movie was a one stop shop for me. Put Morgan Freeman in the mix and you end up answering everyone's prayers.

Now You See Me is an amazing movie which perfectly incorporates the thrilling action of Ocean's 11 with the wonderful world of magic. 
The direction is exceptionally well done. The cinematography leaves something to be desired, however something to do with the lighting, I believe.
The acting as a group was pretty well done as well. I am embarrassed to admit that I only just found out that Dave Franco was James Franco's younger brother. The sexual tension that was generated between Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg felt a little odd, maybe because looked much older than him, which was strange because she looks great in interviews.
But that aside, there was no scene in this movie that left you unhappy. It was an absolute delight to watch and then watch again the next day because once just wasn't enough.
There are many plot twists and many parts that you have to be quick to hear and understand or you may feel left out of some parts of the movie.
The Good: It's MAGIC and CRIME. What else is there?
The Bad: Some scenes were just too dark, I mean, you could hardly see Dave Franco deliver his lines in his usual clenched teeth manner that is akin with his brother.
The Amazing: They are making a sequel, which is going to come out in 2014! I can NOT wait!

Fun Size

It took me this long to figure out that Victoria Justice was an actual person and not a made up person. Like a unicorn.
Shame on me.

Fun Size is a great movie that shows the life of teenagers and how they deal with the expectations and realities of life in their own individual way. 
The characters are immaculately crafted, with each one getting a hold of a specific type of personality and the brilliant direction making sure that the hard work of the script writers shines through.
I have been a fan of Jane Levy ever since I started watching Suburgatory, and she continues to impress me in this movie.
Set in the night of halloween, the movie is about Victoria Justice and her dysfunctional family and how she deals with it with the help of her eccentric friends. 
The movie promises to be a hilarious ride and it will leave you gasping for breath. Though it is advertised as family friendly, if you are an Indian watching try to keep the audience between 15 -25 years of age. Anything other and it could prove to be awkward.
The Good: The portrayal of teenagers done in a way that doesn't make you cringe.
The Bad: It was too short in screenplay, it felt more like a long sitcom than a movie.

9 September 2013

So Undercover

So, well, this movie exists. As why it does, I am not the one who should be answering that.
I guess if you want to remember Miley Cyrus as she once was, this could be what you are looking for.

It follows the life of a young street-smart girl who doesn't really care about her looks, as showcased by the fact she maintained orange hair. Not ginger, not strawberry-blonde, orange.
She is the daughter of a private detective and she does most of his sleuthing for him. You really blend into the crowds with orange hair, right?
The FBI tracks her down and asks for her help. They need the orange-haired one to go undercover and join a sorority and become best friends with the daughter of leader of a drug cartel, so that she can get information and leak it to the FBI.
The story was shrug worthy. The acting was bad to begin with and coupled with a poorly cobbled together script it became even worse.
And of course, no college themed movie could be complete without a makeover montage.
There seemed to be a lot of product placement and products which I personally felt would not really care that they were being mentioned in a made-for-tv movie.
The Good: Joshua Bowman and his Patrick Dempsey like hair. 
The Bad: The fact that I watched this movie from beginning to end

One Tree Hill

I was debating long and hard as to which T.V show to chose while debuting into the blogosphere, and One Tree Hill was the obvious choice.
Not only have I been a pro-OTH advocate for very many years, but I have also loved all the different facets of the show.
It focuses on a group of teenagers in their junior year and their life growing up. Everyone has complicated backgrounds and lots of lies floating about. While story isn't necessarily the most believable one, the portrayal of these slightly out of the box characters was exceptionally well-done.
It shows the definition of how our generation was. At least, the part of the generation that came before the YOLO and the SWAG.
It brilliantly captures the angst, the hormones and high school. That is up till season 4. And then on it follows their life post college and them dealing with the decisions that come along with family and what-not.
I always said, it had everything, the amazing jocks, the bi-piolar cheerleaders, the nerds and the music.
From the 2nd season onwards they started inviting bands to perform their songs on the show which made the show even more popular in my mind.
The fact that Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy was a guest actor on the show, was just a cherry on an already delicious cake.
The Good: Chad Michael Murray takes his shirt off. A lot. 'Nuff said.
The Bad: Chad Michael Murray left the show after the 6th season and only came back in one of the last episodes of the 9th season for about 3 mins.

Shudh Desi Romance

I was quite excited to see this movie. I always liked Parineeti Chopra so I figured that if she's in the movie it couldn't be all that bad, right?
I lost faith in the sentence rather quickly.

It starts out as a young boy lets call him Dude who is en-route in a bus to his own wedding with Girl1, dealing with the sad fact that due to the fact that he has no family he has to get people on rent to be a part of his wedding party. A member of that party is a pretty young thing Girl2, who the groom-to-be falls for. He runs away from his own wedding and then two weeks later runs into Girl2 again, asks her out, moves in with her all within 16 hours.
Seem odd yet? 
They then decide to get married, and lo-and-behold Girl2 runs out on the wedding. Something about the last wedding that she attended with her groom.
Then Dude has to deal with the aftermath of wedding2. 
Cue for Girl1 to enter. She looks Dude up and down forgives him for running out on her and asks him to date her, which he readily does. 
They are all happy and blissed out, and Girl2 comes back into the scene. Girl1 suddenly decides that she has no feeling for Dude anymore and leaves. Girl2 and Dude foolishly decide to take the plunge yet again, and then they both run out on the wedding.
The movie sort of ends there.
There was too much talk of going to the bathroom, made me want to pee. The first half was bearable, and then the second half comes along and all you can think is why hasn't the movie ended yet?
It was apparently an unconventional love story, I didn't see a lot of love, just a lot of sex to make the audience uncomfortable.
The romantic in me was confused, the environmentalist in me was disappointed with all the smoking going on. 
Seemed inspired by Wedding Daze, Runaway Bride and Dharma&Greg.
Parineeti Chopra acted great. Let's look at her past roles:
Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl- A loud mouth, spunky girl.
Ishaqzaade- A loudmouth, spunky girl.
And now in Shudh Desi Romance- A loudmouth, spunky girl.
Sound familiar?
The Good: Rishi Kapoor in all his glory and the director managed to capture the Indian gossip scenes wonderfully.
The Bad: It was like watching the second half of Don 2 all over again, you just never knew what side he was on, there was just too much flip-floping going about.

Chennai Express

It is a classic story of an overprotective father and his daughter.
Or of two characters from different tracks in life falling in love.
Or of a mans mid-life crisis.
I am not really all that sure,
I made the horrible mistake of watching this god-awful movie, but now I get to vent to you wonderful people.
Shahrukh Khan did a total Mel Gibson from Edge of Darkness, took pieces and clips from movies which made him and even others, for that matter, famous and made it into a new movie.
I understand the logic, if it worked once, why won't it again? It's not like the audience is going to notice, right?
We did notice. We noticed the DDLJ train scene, the set from Sholay, the lines and acting from My Name is Khan among very many others.
Shame on SRK for churning out the same thing again.
In case it wasn't blatantly clear before, I did not like this movie. It was slightly embarrassing to watch with all the stereotypes being raised about South Indians, along with the horrid accent of one Ms. Padukone.
The director must have known it was bad movie, so he decided to put the main OST of Chennai Express in the background every thirteen minutes, just to make sure you remember which movie you are watching.
It reminded of the same feelings I had when I was watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, two solid decades means that he was just way too old for her.
Having said all that, Deepika's acting has improved, I guess practice does make perfect.
And also, how is Mumbai and some village in Tamil Nadu the opposite ends of the country?
After all the non-sense in the world boils down to the last 15 minutes of fighting, the hero wins and the girl hugs him, and then he WELLS UP?
That's not very Bollywood of you, dude.
The Good: SRK can say that he honestly tried everything to make a comeback.
The Bad: Forced drama and SRK's bell-bottomed jeans
The Horrible: All the times Deepika Padukone forgot to use her fake accent

Despicable Me 2

Welcome back the trio of adorable. And their minions.
Back in 2010, I was taking finals and all I needed in life was some Steve Carell. And the answer was Despicable Me. And it was excellent.
Then we heard about Despicable Me 2, and all hell broke loose.
It was the perfect dream. Whenever you see something great on TV, you always want more, and here Universal Pictures was answering your prayers.
It is a cutesy movie which has something for everyone. The romantics can enjoy the love that blossoms between Gru and Lucy, the thrill seekers can follow the action packed scenes, and the comics can enjoy everything in between.
Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig make great voice over artists giving justice to the story and the characters.
Miranda Cosgrove shows a lot of promise and Russell Brand is EPIC!
Minions are of course pretty much the only reason for watching the movie. Adorable little yellow tube things that talk goofy.
What else do you want?
The kids have grown up and there is more of a dad role for Gru to play.
In comparison to the first movie, this one was slight disappointment, the story seemed a little thin and not as funny, maybe because of high expectations, maybe because the writers ran out of juice.
On its own, it was a delight to watch.
The Good: MINIONS!
The Bad: It seemed more like a children's movie in comparison to the first, talked down to its audience.

21 Jump Street

I don't know what it is about Jonah Hill? I love him, even standing when he is next to chiseled Channing Tatum.

They were from different tracks in high school, he was the nerd and he was the jock. They both decide to go into the police force and become each others moral support through the ordeal. And they all so very super excited to fight crime, Die Hard style.
What they get is Park Duty, until they screw that up too. And then the 31 and 29 year old are sent to 21 Jump Street, the region that works with undercover policemen in high school, because of their stunningly childish looks.
I guess the director thought that no one would notice how they look a solid decade older than most high school kids if they employed actors in their late 20's to play them. Dave Franco, I am looking at you.
Going back to the story, they go back to high school for a drug bust and are shocked to find out that everything has changed. People who care about things like the environment, Marvel and technology are cooler and more popular than the jocks.
See, now, this is a world I would like to be a part of.
It is a hilarious movie with well placed jokes and great sense of humor.
Though, it could be that I am biased, if Jonah Hill was standing silent in the movie, I bet I would have been laughing.
The acting was wonderfully done, however I would liked the ending to be slightly better scripted. It was a lot of confusion and shuffling about which didn't do justice to the rest of the movie.

The Good: Johnny Depp's cameo of two minutes towards the end.
The Bad: The excessive swearing. It's of course a personal choice, somehow it just irks me.

4 September 2013

She's the Man

A movie of the time when Amanda Bynes was still a part of the normal world, She's the Man is an adorable movie about high school soccer.
Based on Shakespeare's famous 'Twelfth Night', it's modern adaptation has something for everyone.
Amanda Bynes plays a high school soccer player, who takes her twin brother's place at a rival school after the girls football team at her own school gets cut. She transforms into a very effeminate looking boy, and becomes rommies with the stud of the soccer team, Channing Tatum. He is crushed out on a pretty little blonde, Olivia, who for no apparent reason likes girl-ish Bynes. Channing employs Bynes's services to pull Olivia into his love den, while, surprise-surprise, she falls head-over-soccer-ball in love with Channing.
The love triangle quickly becomes a love square with the entry of Bynes's ex-boyfriend, who is Channing's rival.
Confusion ensues when Amanda's twin returns and finds himself in the swing of things.
It's an adorable movie, which takes a stab at re-defining gender roles.
The Good: The story, though I think Shakespeare should get props for that and the Red Ranger from Power Rangers
The Bad: Some characters seemed trivial to the plot, and even some scenes. But these things only a nit-picker like me would talk about so, IGNORE.

3 September 2013

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

There is something going on this summer that makes me wanna watch movies from the 80's and I think I am making a solid dent in the bucket.
GJWHF seems like a charming movie with HorseFace, sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker, who according to me, looks great in the movie.
She plays a highschool girl who has just moved to Chicago with her Army family, and she LOVES to dance. She is absolutely obsessed with a dance show called Dance TV, which is coincidentally also filmed in Chicago!
She and a spunky Helen Hunt become fast friends due to a shared love of Dance TV. They see an advertisement calling for a new couple to come and join in the ranks of dancers of Dance TV. They immediately emit the squeals common to young teenage girls, and decide to try out. But wait! Enter disciplinarian army dad who only approves of his daughter studying and nothing else.
But rebellious Helen convinces Sarah to come an audition, which she does quite compliantly. There she meets Natalie, the evil and spoiled little dancer girl who will do anything to be on the show, she evens goes to the extent of fixing the audition so that Helen doesn't get in.
But Sarah does! Not only that, she gets paired up with Jeff, the hunk who can groove. They initially don't get along thanks to their different upbringings, but neither can deny the pull of First Love.
What follows is classic teen movie fodder which just makes you feel all gooey inside.
The Good: SJP's un-botoxed face, the story, the acting, the happy feel of the movie.
The Bad: The 80's hair and all the neon!
Wait, the kid is the same girl from Beverly Hill, 90210!?

Madras Cafe

Or as I like to call it, 'The only movie I have ever fallen asleep in'. Madras Cafe was a prime example of how bad Indian cinema can get, despite good intentions.
Set in the early 90's, it showed the life of an army officer, John Abraham, who becomes a part of RAW, in order to thwart the guerilla rebellion of the LTTE (renamed LTP, I think, I wasn't really paying attention to the movie) in Sri Lanka and the eventual assassination of the popular Indian politician Rajiv Gandhi, who in the movie is only called 'the PM' or 'ex-PM'.
It was beautifully researched, and the archived footage of the Lankan civil war was brilliantly used. Other than that, the movie was awful. The acting of JA was uninspiring and devoid of any emotion, they might as well have used mannequins and voiceover. 
Nargis Fakhri, thankfully spoke only in English, though seemed to be channeling a lot of the same lively personality of Kristen Stewart. 
The story had a lot of potential, but the execution of it was badly done. The only part of the movie that seemed to do justice to the concept were the few minutes when the PM is actually blown up, something about the scene just clicks, the music, the acting and screenplay.
Other than that, save your money and watch some great documentary instead.
The Good: You know, what? I can't think of any right now.


I was a little too late to join the "I-Heart-Jessica-Chastain" community, but now that I am here, I doubt I will be leaving anytime soon.
Though "Mama" is a relatively older movie of hers, I hadn't had the opportunity to see it. Mostly because I have a severe distrust of anything horror, but also because up till now I hadn't heard of it.
Shocking, I know! Especially when its made by del Toro.
If you share the same excuse as me, then shame on you.
Mama is an excellent movie to show just how scared of kids you should be, especially those of your dead twin brother's, who also happened to kill his own wife.
The brother takes his two girls, one a toddler and one a baby, out to the woods, in a cabin in the aftermath of killing his wife and the man he thought she was sleeping with. 
This is what you call a bad parent, not one who gave you the iPhone 4 instead of the 5. 
He plans to kill his daughters and then himself, meanwhile his oldest oblivious to the torment inside daddy's head sees a woman just outside the cabin. This would be the cue for you to start sweating profusely. 
The woman is of course a ghost/spirit who sees Daddy going in for the kill, steps in and kills Daddy, saving the two adorable children!
The kids are left all alone in the scary woods, to fend for themselves, until Mama takes over and then begins their life in the cabin with a floating, molting woman to take care of them. 
5 years go by, and we cut to Daddy's twin brother, seemingly unemployed, dating a rather manly looking punk rock bass playing chick portrayed by Ms. Chastain. He spends all of his money hiring people to look for his nieces but to no avail. In a last ditch effort he, spends his remaining money and tells someone different to go look, and look they did. They find the girls in the same cabin, which NO ONE found for the 5 years of extensive searching. The girls are alone, covered in mud and not unlike a jungle animal. 
They are taken in by DTB (Daddy's twin brother) and Ms. Chastain, who both experience activity which is out of the ordinary.
The rest of the 50 minutes of the movie, you are going to have to watch yourself and determine what you feel about it.
The Good: Ms. Chastain, the acting of absolutely everybody, including the kids and the story.
The Bad: Animation, or whatever it is that you call when you draw a ghost, the ending(slightly Bollywood)