9 September 2013

21 Jump Street

I don't know what it is about Jonah Hill? I love him, even standing when he is next to chiseled Channing Tatum.

They were from different tracks in high school, he was the nerd and he was the jock. They both decide to go into the police force and become each others moral support through the ordeal. And they all so very super excited to fight crime, Die Hard style.
What they get is Park Duty, until they screw that up too. And then the 31 and 29 year old are sent to 21 Jump Street, the region that works with undercover policemen in high school, because of their stunningly childish looks.
I guess the director thought that no one would notice how they look a solid decade older than most high school kids if they employed actors in their late 20's to play them. Dave Franco, I am looking at you.
Going back to the story, they go back to high school for a drug bust and are shocked to find out that everything has changed. People who care about things like the environment, Marvel and technology are cooler and more popular than the jocks.
See, now, this is a world I would like to be a part of.
It is a hilarious movie with well placed jokes and great sense of humor.
Though, it could be that I am biased, if Jonah Hill was standing silent in the movie, I bet I would have been laughing.
The acting was wonderfully done, however I would liked the ending to be slightly better scripted. It was a lot of confusion and shuffling about which didn't do justice to the rest of the movie.

The Good: Johnny Depp's cameo of two minutes towards the end.
The Bad: The excessive swearing. It's of course a personal choice, somehow it just irks me.

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