9 September 2013

Chennai Express

It is a classic story of an overprotective father and his daughter.
Or of two characters from different tracks in life falling in love.
Or of a mans mid-life crisis.
I am not really all that sure,
I made the horrible mistake of watching this god-awful movie, but now I get to vent to you wonderful people.
Shahrukh Khan did a total Mel Gibson from Edge of Darkness, took pieces and clips from movies which made him and even others, for that matter, famous and made it into a new movie.
I understand the logic, if it worked once, why won't it again? It's not like the audience is going to notice, right?
We did notice. We noticed the DDLJ train scene, the set from Sholay, the lines and acting from My Name is Khan among very many others.
Shame on SRK for churning out the same thing again.
In case it wasn't blatantly clear before, I did not like this movie. It was slightly embarrassing to watch with all the stereotypes being raised about South Indians, along with the horrid accent of one Ms. Padukone.
The director must have known it was bad movie, so he decided to put the main OST of Chennai Express in the background every thirteen minutes, just to make sure you remember which movie you are watching.
It reminded of the same feelings I had when I was watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, two solid decades means that he was just way too old for her.
Having said all that, Deepika's acting has improved, I guess practice does make perfect.
And also, how is Mumbai and some village in Tamil Nadu the opposite ends of the country?
After all the non-sense in the world boils down to the last 15 minutes of fighting, the hero wins and the girl hugs him, and then he WELLS UP?
That's not very Bollywood of you, dude.
The Good: SRK can say that he honestly tried everything to make a comeback.
The Bad: Forced drama and SRK's bell-bottomed jeans
The Horrible: All the times Deepika Padukone forgot to use her fake accent


  1. Well.. Chennai express did make a ton of money because a few people did enjoy it and a few like you decided to watch it anyway despite knowing that this is a "god-awful movie".. and the makers of the movie are laughing all the way to the bank.. And since this was such a money spinner, what would these guys do? they'll continue to make such movies and viewers will continue to shamelessly watch them!

    Don't spend your hard earned-inflation hit currency on shit like this if you want real change!

  2. there is a market for every type of movie... that's why there are so many genres in existence, and all genres make money for their makers, else they wouldn't exist as a genre. this one is perhaps best classified as a parody. have you seen Scream? or Naked Gun? or Hot Shots? They all had famous actors, doing some very different kind of roles.

    what i don't understand is, why did u go and see a movie that's not meant for you to watch? were you tricked into seeing it? And then, on top of that, you review it.... You should watch stuff that's in your line of taste.

    Rohit Shetty, SRK and gang, they are not fools, they are experimenting beyond the predictable formula. Sure, its ridiculous, but it is intended to be so. That's a different kind of movie for a different kind of mood.