9 September 2013

Despicable Me 2

Welcome back the trio of adorable. And their minions.
Back in 2010, I was taking finals and all I needed in life was some Steve Carell. And the answer was Despicable Me. And it was excellent.
Then we heard about Despicable Me 2, and all hell broke loose.
It was the perfect dream. Whenever you see something great on TV, you always want more, and here Universal Pictures was answering your prayers.
It is a cutesy movie which has something for everyone. The romantics can enjoy the love that blossoms between Gru and Lucy, the thrill seekers can follow the action packed scenes, and the comics can enjoy everything in between.
Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig make great voice over artists giving justice to the story and the characters.
Miranda Cosgrove shows a lot of promise and Russell Brand is EPIC!
Minions are of course pretty much the only reason for watching the movie. Adorable little yellow tube things that talk goofy.
What else do you want?
The kids have grown up and there is more of a dad role for Gru to play.
In comparison to the first movie, this one was slight disappointment, the story seemed a little thin and not as funny, maybe because of high expectations, maybe because the writers ran out of juice.
On its own, it was a delight to watch.
The Good: MINIONS!
The Bad: It seemed more like a children's movie in comparison to the first, talked down to its audience.

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