10 September 2013

Fun Size

It took me this long to figure out that Victoria Justice was an actual person and not a made up person. Like a unicorn.
Shame on me.

Fun Size is a great movie that shows the life of teenagers and how they deal with the expectations and realities of life in their own individual way. 
The characters are immaculately crafted, with each one getting a hold of a specific type of personality and the brilliant direction making sure that the hard work of the script writers shines through.
I have been a fan of Jane Levy ever since I started watching Suburgatory, and she continues to impress me in this movie.
Set in the night of halloween, the movie is about Victoria Justice and her dysfunctional family and how she deals with it with the help of her eccentric friends. 
The movie promises to be a hilarious ride and it will leave you gasping for breath. Though it is advertised as family friendly, if you are an Indian watching try to keep the audience between 15 -25 years of age. Anything other and it could prove to be awkward.
The Good: The portrayal of teenagers done in a way that doesn't make you cringe.
The Bad: It was too short in screenplay, it felt more like a long sitcom than a movie.

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