3 September 2013

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

There is something going on this summer that makes me wanna watch movies from the 80's and I think I am making a solid dent in the bucket.
GJWHF seems like a charming movie with HorseFace, sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker, who according to me, looks great in the movie.
She plays a highschool girl who has just moved to Chicago with her Army family, and she LOVES to dance. She is absolutely obsessed with a dance show called Dance TV, which is coincidentally also filmed in Chicago!
She and a spunky Helen Hunt become fast friends due to a shared love of Dance TV. They see an advertisement calling for a new couple to come and join in the ranks of dancers of Dance TV. They immediately emit the squeals common to young teenage girls, and decide to try out. But wait! Enter disciplinarian army dad who only approves of his daughter studying and nothing else.
But rebellious Helen convinces Sarah to come an audition, which she does quite compliantly. There she meets Natalie, the evil and spoiled little dancer girl who will do anything to be on the show, she evens goes to the extent of fixing the audition so that Helen doesn't get in.
But Sarah does! Not only that, she gets paired up with Jeff, the hunk who can groove. They initially don't get along thanks to their different upbringings, but neither can deny the pull of First Love.
What follows is classic teen movie fodder which just makes you feel all gooey inside.
The Good: SJP's un-botoxed face, the story, the acting, the happy feel of the movie.
The Bad: The 80's hair and all the neon!
Wait, the kid is the same girl from Beverly Hill, 90210!?

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