17 September 2013

Kick Ass2

When I first saw this movie in 2010 and just like everyone else I fell deeply in love with everything Kick Ass.
From the absolutely incredible storyline to the amazing acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (for acting read, beautiful eyes) there was everything that you wanted from life in this movie.
Kick Ass2 on the other hand, not so much.
Turns out that you can take Nicholas Cage out of the movie and it still doesn't get better.
We have fast forwarded into the future where thanks to Kick Ass's sheer courage and strength the rest of the world has followed in his footsteps and have decided to take matters in their own hands. Meanwhile, both Red Mist and Hit Girl are reeling in the aftermath of their dads death. Hit Girl reacts by skipping school, lying to her guardian and working out like a crazy person.
On the other hand, Red Mist goes mega-crazy, kills his mum in a freak accident, demands revenge on Kick Ass for what he did to his dad and then becomes a Super Villain and when all creativity fails he changes his name to MotherF***er. 
Hit Girl is training Kick Ass to become better at his game which gives him a sense of purpose. Which is apparently to literally get his ass kicked by a girl about 5 years younger than him.
Hit Girl in a moment of hormones decides to forgo the life of crime and instead dedicates herself to becoming a Prima Donna head case of a teenager. Cue for a Union J music Video which causes said hormones to spiral even further.
The story was sadly as unpractical as the last one was realistic. Which was an absolute shame.
Kick Ass was reduced to nothing, because for about 2/3rd's of the movie all he does is walk about.
All the coarse language and amazing fight sequences cannot make up for that.
There were more characters in this movie to keep track of and if you are anything but a baby genius then you will have a hard time with ALL the names.
All in all it was a shot to the heart of all those who loved the first one.

The Good: Aaron seemed to have perfected the skill of making his body look like that of a Greek god.
The Bad: The last scene with the kiss between Kick Ass and Hit Girl, because all I could think of was,                 "She is FIVE years younger than you! Get offa her!"
                 Yes, you can call me a prude.

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