3 September 2013

Madras Cafe

Or as I like to call it, 'The only movie I have ever fallen asleep in'. Madras Cafe was a prime example of how bad Indian cinema can get, despite good intentions.
Set in the early 90's, it showed the life of an army officer, John Abraham, who becomes a part of RAW, in order to thwart the guerilla rebellion of the LTTE (renamed LTP, I think, I wasn't really paying attention to the movie) in Sri Lanka and the eventual assassination of the popular Indian politician Rajiv Gandhi, who in the movie is only called 'the PM' or 'ex-PM'.
It was beautifully researched, and the archived footage of the Lankan civil war was brilliantly used. Other than that, the movie was awful. The acting of JA was uninspiring and devoid of any emotion, they might as well have used mannequins and voiceover. 
Nargis Fakhri, thankfully spoke only in English, though seemed to be channeling a lot of the same lively personality of Kristen Stewart. 
The story had a lot of potential, but the execution of it was badly done. The only part of the movie that seemed to do justice to the concept were the few minutes when the PM is actually blown up, something about the scene just clicks, the music, the acting and screenplay.
Other than that, save your money and watch some great documentary instead.
The Good: You know, what? I can't think of any right now.

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