3 September 2013


I was a little too late to join the "I-Heart-Jessica-Chastain" community, but now that I am here, I doubt I will be leaving anytime soon.
Though "Mama" is a relatively older movie of hers, I hadn't had the opportunity to see it. Mostly because I have a severe distrust of anything horror, but also because up till now I hadn't heard of it.
Shocking, I know! Especially when its made by del Toro.
If you share the same excuse as me, then shame on you.
Mama is an excellent movie to show just how scared of kids you should be, especially those of your dead twin brother's, who also happened to kill his own wife.
The brother takes his two girls, one a toddler and one a baby, out to the woods, in a cabin in the aftermath of killing his wife and the man he thought she was sleeping with. 
This is what you call a bad parent, not one who gave you the iPhone 4 instead of the 5. 
He plans to kill his daughters and then himself, meanwhile his oldest oblivious to the torment inside daddy's head sees a woman just outside the cabin. This would be the cue for you to start sweating profusely. 
The woman is of course a ghost/spirit who sees Daddy going in for the kill, steps in and kills Daddy, saving the two adorable children!
The kids are left all alone in the scary woods, to fend for themselves, until Mama takes over and then begins their life in the cabin with a floating, molting woman to take care of them. 
5 years go by, and we cut to Daddy's twin brother, seemingly unemployed, dating a rather manly looking punk rock bass playing chick portrayed by Ms. Chastain. He spends all of his money hiring people to look for his nieces but to no avail. In a last ditch effort he, spends his remaining money and tells someone different to go look, and look they did. They find the girls in the same cabin, which NO ONE found for the 5 years of extensive searching. The girls are alone, covered in mud and not unlike a jungle animal. 
They are taken in by DTB (Daddy's twin brother) and Ms. Chastain, who both experience activity which is out of the ordinary.
The rest of the 50 minutes of the movie, you are going to have to watch yourself and determine what you feel about it.
The Good: Ms. Chastain, the acting of absolutely everybody, including the kids and the story.
The Bad: Animation, or whatever it is that you call when you draw a ghost, the ending(slightly Bollywood)

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