10 September 2013

Monsters University

Who are we?
What do we want?
Monsters Inc. was an unbelievably amazing movie with an out of the box idea to show the other side of the closet.
I absolutely love everything about it. From the storyline, to the excellent animation, to the scripting of the movie.
Billy Crystal is my new favorite man. You will notice that My Favorite Man keeps changing quite often.
But having said that, he has done a great job in this movie.
It is a great movie that while is a sequel to Monsters Inc. it is also a prequel to it.
Confusing, right?
But once you start watching and you get into the hang of things, you understand straightaway.
It is a retelling of the classic story of two people from different tracks of life with the same goal realizing that they aren't so different after all.
With a rag-tag group of scraggly monsters by their side they start working towards achieving this goal.
It shows the exact stereotypes that exist in an college campus in a hilarious light, while making sure the true point of the movie comes through.
Each character has been carefully crafted, with precision to their personality which gives credit to the hard work of the writers.
It is a feel-good movie that you can watch with along with everyone.
The Good: The excellent dialogue.
The Bad: Where is my Monsters 3?

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