10 September 2013

Now You See Me

As a person who is a follower of everything magic, this movie was a one stop shop for me. Put Morgan Freeman in the mix and you end up answering everyone's prayers.

Now You See Me is an amazing movie which perfectly incorporates the thrilling action of Ocean's 11 with the wonderful world of magic. 
The direction is exceptionally well done. The cinematography leaves something to be desired, however something to do with the lighting, I believe.
The acting as a group was pretty well done as well. I am embarrassed to admit that I only just found out that Dave Franco was James Franco's younger brother. The sexual tension that was generated between Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg felt a little odd, maybe because looked much older than him, which was strange because she looks great in interviews.
But that aside, there was no scene in this movie that left you unhappy. It was an absolute delight to watch and then watch again the next day because once just wasn't enough.
There are many plot twists and many parts that you have to be quick to hear and understand or you may feel left out of some parts of the movie.
The Good: It's MAGIC and CRIME. What else is there?
The Bad: Some scenes were just too dark, I mean, you could hardly see Dave Franco deliver his lines in his usual clenched teeth manner that is akin with his brother.
The Amazing: They are making a sequel, which is going to come out in 2014! I can NOT wait!

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