9 September 2013

One Tree Hill

I was debating long and hard as to which T.V show to chose while debuting into the blogosphere, and One Tree Hill was the obvious choice.
Not only have I been a pro-OTH advocate for very many years, but I have also loved all the different facets of the show.
It focuses on a group of teenagers in their junior year and their life growing up. Everyone has complicated backgrounds and lots of lies floating about. While story isn't necessarily the most believable one, the portrayal of these slightly out of the box characters was exceptionally well-done.
It shows the definition of how our generation was. At least, the part of the generation that came before the YOLO and the SWAG.
It brilliantly captures the angst, the hormones and high school. That is up till season 4. And then on it follows their life post college and them dealing with the decisions that come along with family and what-not.
I always said, it had everything, the amazing jocks, the bi-piolar cheerleaders, the nerds and the music.
From the 2nd season onwards they started inviting bands to perform their songs on the show which made the show even more popular in my mind.
The fact that Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy was a guest actor on the show, was just a cherry on an already delicious cake.
The Good: Chad Michael Murray takes his shirt off. A lot. 'Nuff said.
The Bad: Chad Michael Murray left the show after the 6th season and only came back in one of the last episodes of the 9th season for about 3 mins.

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