4 September 2013

She's the Man

A movie of the time when Amanda Bynes was still a part of the normal world, She's the Man is an adorable movie about high school soccer.
Based on Shakespeare's famous 'Twelfth Night', it's modern adaptation has something for everyone.
Amanda Bynes plays a high school soccer player, who takes her twin brother's place at a rival school after the girls football team at her own school gets cut. She transforms into a very effeminate looking boy, and becomes rommies with the stud of the soccer team, Channing Tatum. He is crushed out on a pretty little blonde, Olivia, who for no apparent reason likes girl-ish Bynes. Channing employs Bynes's services to pull Olivia into his love den, while, surprise-surprise, she falls head-over-soccer-ball in love with Channing.
The love triangle quickly becomes a love square with the entry of Bynes's ex-boyfriend, who is Channing's rival.
Confusion ensues when Amanda's twin returns and finds himself in the swing of things.
It's an adorable movie, which takes a stab at re-defining gender roles.
The Good: The story, though I think Shakespeare should get props for that and the Red Ranger from Power Rangers
The Bad: Some characters seemed trivial to the plot, and even some scenes. But these things only a nit-picker like me would talk about so, IGNORE.

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