9 September 2013

Shudh Desi Romance

I was quite excited to see this movie. I always liked Parineeti Chopra so I figured that if she's in the movie it couldn't be all that bad, right?
I lost faith in the sentence rather quickly.

It starts out as a young boy lets call him Dude who is en-route in a bus to his own wedding with Girl1, dealing with the sad fact that due to the fact that he has no family he has to get people on rent to be a part of his wedding party. A member of that party is a pretty young thing Girl2, who the groom-to-be falls for. He runs away from his own wedding and then two weeks later runs into Girl2 again, asks her out, moves in with her all within 16 hours.
Seem odd yet? 
They then decide to get married, and lo-and-behold Girl2 runs out on the wedding. Something about the last wedding that she attended with her groom.
Then Dude has to deal with the aftermath of wedding2. 
Cue for Girl1 to enter. She looks Dude up and down forgives him for running out on her and asks him to date her, which he readily does. 
They are all happy and blissed out, and Girl2 comes back into the scene. Girl1 suddenly decides that she has no feeling for Dude anymore and leaves. Girl2 and Dude foolishly decide to take the plunge yet again, and then they both run out on the wedding.
The movie sort of ends there.
There was too much talk of going to the bathroom, made me want to pee. The first half was bearable, and then the second half comes along and all you can think is why hasn't the movie ended yet?
It was apparently an unconventional love story, I didn't see a lot of love, just a lot of sex to make the audience uncomfortable.
The romantic in me was confused, the environmentalist in me was disappointed with all the smoking going on. 
Seemed inspired by Wedding Daze, Runaway Bride and Dharma&Greg.
Parineeti Chopra acted great. Let's look at her past roles:
Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl- A loud mouth, spunky girl.
Ishaqzaade- A loudmouth, spunky girl.
And now in Shudh Desi Romance- A loudmouth, spunky girl.
Sound familiar?
The Good: Rishi Kapoor in all his glory and the director managed to capture the Indian gossip scenes wonderfully.
The Bad: It was like watching the second half of Don 2 all over again, you just never knew what side he was on, there was just too much flip-floping going about.

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