9 September 2013

So Undercover

So, well, this movie exists. As why it does, I am not the one who should be answering that.
I guess if you want to remember Miley Cyrus as she once was, this could be what you are looking for.

It follows the life of a young street-smart girl who doesn't really care about her looks, as showcased by the fact she maintained orange hair. Not ginger, not strawberry-blonde, orange.
She is the daughter of a private detective and she does most of his sleuthing for him. You really blend into the crowds with orange hair, right?
The FBI tracks her down and asks for her help. They need the orange-haired one to go undercover and join a sorority and become best friends with the daughter of leader of a drug cartel, so that she can get information and leak it to the FBI.
The story was shrug worthy. The acting was bad to begin with and coupled with a poorly cobbled together script it became even worse.
And of course, no college themed movie could be complete without a makeover montage.
There seemed to be a lot of product placement and products which I personally felt would not really care that they were being mentioned in a made-for-tv movie.
The Good: Joshua Bowman and his Patrick Dempsey like hair. 
The Bad: The fact that I watched this movie from beginning to end

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