11 September 2013

The Conjuring

You know that moment when you are washing your hair in the shower and just for a few seconds you close your eyes, only to find that your mind comes up with the most scary images and you end up opening your eyes and getting shampoo in them?
Well, The Conjuring is like that moment that goes on for two whole hours. 
That coupled with the fact that it is based on tried events scare the bejesus out of me. 
This movie is like every movie that you weren't allowed to watch as a child and did anyway and got nightmares after. 
It follows the life of two demonologists, The Warrens who were popular in the 70's. They would find and deal with things possessed or were otherwise affected by those of unnatural orgins. Until that one fateful meeting with a woman who compined that her house and her faniky was being haunted. 
Ed and clairvoyant Lorraine Warren head out into the desolate woods to help rid the family of the curse that they bore. 
What follows is a horror story with the eerie similarity of The Poltergiest and The Exorsict series. Which makes sense, seeing as the movie is made by the creators of the same. 
But since the last few movies I had that claimed to be of the nature of horror, were the disappointing Paranormal series, this movie stuck with me for days. 
This movie is excellently made with great cinematography. Well placed dialogues make sure that the parts of explanation don't drag on and are interesting to listening to. 
I am ashamed to admit that I was one of the few people who did scream like a very little girl at a lot of scenes in this movie. 
Suggestio: Watch this movie once and be scared of it for the rest of your life rather than watch it again and find or too be less impressive that what you originally thought. 
The Good: Great acting, especially by Vera Farmiga which does justice to the storyline.
The Bad: You will be scared to pee on your own for the next two weeks. 

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