17 September 2013


Why is that every time I see Diego Boneta onscreen, my mind immediately screams, 'Go Diego, go, go, Diego!'
Oh, yes, that's right, because I am the creepy adult woman who insists on watch Dora the Explorer and yelling the answers at the screen.

Underemployed is an adorable TV show that follows the life and times of recent graduates to a T. The struggle of employment along with the ever prevalent horrors of one's love life have been wonderfully captured by all the carefully constructed characters.
One wants to become an actor and/or model to no success.
One wants to make it in the advertising industry just to fall for her boss.
One who becomes pregnant.
One who gets the previous one preggers and then has to ask his dad for a job.
One who has a crap job and has to deal with issues regarding sexuality.
It is fast paced and witty along with being alarmingly accurate of how crap life can really be.
And that's despite all the people being pretty and thin.
Great acting coupled with a brilliant soundtrack makes the handful of episodes of Underemployed that do exist are a thrill to watch.
The Good: It's all good. Trust me.
The Bad: There is not enough of Diego Boneta to go around.

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