12 September 2013

Warm Bodies

Put Nicholas Hoult in anything and I will watch it. Though this movie I wish I didn't.

I think what they did was get caught up in the two raging concepts of 2012
1. 'Young teen girls falling in love with non-human entities.'
2. Zombies
The latter of which obviously worked for Twilight, so they did the exact same thing here.
Get an incredibly attractive guy for lead role, which is of course something you would never trust and could potentially danger your life and wash his color out with excessive white makeup. Then you get a dead-behind-the-eyes but still pretty girl to play the strong yet easily mislead by the Angel in the Devil's costume and fall in love with him and do anything to save him.
Advertise a lot.
And boom!
You have yourself a multi-million dollar profit.
Warm Bodies did inject humor every now and then, which was a good effort but in the grand scheme of things didn't really measure up.
It seemed slightly whimsically made, which is my nice way of saying, it seemed like an 12 year old girl's mind came up with it.
All in all, if you love Nick H. like we are all prone to do, then you may watch it in fast forward. Which is what I did after about 15 minutes when I realized what a waste of my time it was becoming.
But anything other than that, and you have no excuse to be watching this movie.

The Good: They employed an America's Next Top Model contestant as a cast member.
The Bad: It disappointed me so much.

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