31 October 2013

How I Met Your Mother- Season 9

You know how you watch something since you were a little and loved every minute of it. And then you grew up and actually started understanding the innuendos, started watching it online and comparing yourself to the characters on the show.
And then the show became totally crap?
Yeah, that's what happened with HIMYM.

When Friends ended, everyone had a hole in their soul that needed to be filled. Some turned to food, some to adventure sports and some to alcohol. Basically, we all needed something to look forward to every week. And then the answer came in the form of How I Met Your Mother. 
It was a charming story about 5 friends who all have complicated life histories that just entangle you and never let you go.
But now that the final season is upon us. And all the excitement and suspense would be coming to an end.
And all that enthusiasm became a waste.
It's not the story or the direction that I am annoyed with. HIMYM has always been great with being able to convey time transitions perfectly. There wasn't much change to the story in the 9th season, despite the fact that they showed who the mother was, showed her making a relationship with Lily and then you know, she disappeared. Which is just normal. 
But its the acting that I have an immense bone to pick with. It's like everyone one on the show except Jason Segal is playing the game 'Shatner', where someone yells 'Shatner' and you are meant to overact everything that you do. Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders being the winners of the game, of course.
To say that I am disappointed with things is an understatement.
The Good: It's almost over.
The Bad: The show keeps bringing up issues between Barney and Robin and never addresses them!

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