12 October 2013


What is this show?
No, seriously, I mean, what in the world is this show?

Whatever respect that I had for Anna Faris from her role in Friends died after the last Scary Movie. But then I saw "Mom", and I had some pretty serious evaluating to do. 
And I used to LOVE Allison Janney, especially after her heart melting performance in The Help.
Mom is basically a show that follows the life of a woman who had a troubled childhood thanks to her alcoholic and drugged up mother. She then becomes pregnant in high school, and then ventures out in the world and ends up with yet, another child, becomes an alcoholic herself and then cries about the fact that she couldn't be a psychologist like she wanted to. 
Oh, and she is sleeping with her married boss.
And she listens to reaffirmations in her car.
Enter blond daughter who seems to be rather loose with her ways and in a story that has been around since time immortal, the daughter becomes pregnant and her boyfriend is super dumb.
Enter drugged up and alcoholic mother who will hit on anything that moves and surprise-surprise is close friends with slutty preggers daughter.
4 episodes in and I know, that I really do not like this program.
The Good: The kid from New Girl is the second child.
The Bad: Absolutely everything else

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