31 October 2013

The Big Wedding

I don't understand this movie.
It's really strange. 
And when did Robert Di Nero become so old?

This was like watching 'It's Complicated', just a bunch of old people trying to reclaim the magic. 
This movie follows the life of Di Nero, who's adopted son is going to get married. Di Nero was married to Diane Keaton, but slept with her then best friend Susan Sarandon and then left Keaton to marry Susan.
Up till then Keaton and Di Nero had had 3 children, angry and cynical Katherine Heigl, still trying to be Eric from 'That 70's show' Topher Grace and adopted son from Colombia Ben Barnes. Barnes is getting married to an extremely Stepford Amanda Seyfried. 
Ben has recently come into contact with his birth mother, an extremely catholic woman and his baby sister who both come to America to see him on his wedding day. Ben is afraid that she might look down upon his broken adoptive family so he asks Keaton and Di Nero to pretend to be married again. Which they do with a lot of difficulty. 
Meanwhile, Topher Grace is busy hitting on Ben's sister. Which isn't weird. And Katherine is busy hating the world.
Di Nero and Keaton fall into bed together the night before their sons wedding and that makes things EVEN more awkward than it was already.
Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton have a great bonding moment, while Ben tries to explain things to his birth mother, who admonishes him saying family should never be lied about/ lied to.
Ben and Amanda eventually do get married, after Di Nero gives an elaborate and inappropriate speech. In a surprise twist at the very possible end, Katherine ends up getting a different perspective on life and stops hating everyone and everything.
Oh, and Topher Grace does it with the Colombian Sister.
This was a very odd movie, which I in retrospect, realized made me cringe awkwardly more times than it made me laugh.
I do like most of the people with the minor exception of Topher Grace, who's hayday ended with the end of 'That 70's Show'. And I was severely disappointed with the outcome.
The story was not great, the direction did have some flaws, the delivery of the dialogues was very unnatural and dear god, the acting. The terrible, terrible acting by some of my preferred actors physically hurt me.
The Good: Ben Barnes is a mighty pretty man.
The Bad: All of the innuendos in the movie. I bet if I got a penny for each one, I would be a hundred-aire. 

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