9 October 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

You know that moment when you realize that the two actors that you love and adore beyond relief are acting together in a movie. Oh, wait, of course you don't. Because it never happens.
But on this one absolutely rare occasion Amazing Steve Carell and AwesomeSause Jim Carrey both star in a movie about magicians.
How are you still reading this blog post and not scurrying away to watch this movie?
Oh, and Olivia Wilde is there in this movie as well.

The shameful thing is that after all that I have said and bragged about this movie, it turned out to be mildly disappointing. 
I say, mildly of course because it still stars both Steve and Jim, and I do love them so.
Anyone else and I would have cut up this movie like something meant for the craft workshop.
But I digress.
The plot follows a man who has known ever since he was a young boy that he wanted to be a magician. A magician like none other and the one who would replace Houdini himself.
Never heard that one before.
He partners up with a buddy from his childhood and together they grow super-super famous. They even gain jobs as entertainment in a Las Vegas Casino seemingly without breaking a sweat.
Jeez, if I had known it was that easy I would have exchanged my Journalism (pending) degree for a shiny vest and a top hat.
Steve grows a mighty bog head and eventually his duo becomes a sad little solo.
Meanwhile, new kid on the block, Jim has everyone amazed with his eerily Chris Angel like mind tricks. He grows enough to threaten Steve and his Sad Solo Act.
Where does Olivia Wilde come in, you ask?
Good question, fair child.
She is one of the many 'assistants' that Steve runs through his act and she eventually gets promoted to almost-partner and even is the receiver of many inappropriate sexual jokes by the hand of Steve.
Which all just reminds me of the weird relations between Steve and Keira in 'Seeking a friend for the end of the World'. 
She also becomes Ms. Voice-of-Reason and coaxes him to reach out and connect with the magician he once wanted to be and thus reduce the size of his rather large head.
If it wasn't obvious already, I didn't like this movie. There seemed to be a lack in the story,  and therefore a subsequent lack in direction. The first half of the movie is still bearable but the rest pf it makes me want to forget it ever happened so as to ensure that it doesn't sully the purity of the Comic Gods in my head.

The Good: The presence of the Comic Gods
The Bad: The fact that I watched this movie

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