31 October 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

I love Ranbir Kapoor with every fibre of my being but every time I think of him in this movie, I have a mini-vomit.
This movie basically follows the life of an average girl who has spent most of her life involved in books rather than you know, actually developing social skills.
She goes grocery shopping and meets old classmate, Kalki who is everything wrong. She has tattoos, her hair is dyed and she is generally a happy person. Kalki tells her about a hiking trip that she is going on and in the 3 minutes of that conversation she convinces Deepika to come along with her.
The foursome which includes Loser Dude who figured, "Hey, let me cling to the cool kids, that'll make me cool!" and Ranbir Kapoor who is the usual devil-may-care, girls-had-better-stay-away-from-me guy. 
Deepika wears short shorts in a place covered with snow and they together hike to a point that the tour guide specifically says it too dangerous. In that hike, she of course, falls in love with him.
The next day, she takes off her glasses and lo-and-behold becomes suddenly beautiful. Enter dance sequence where we see that she actually has a fun side rather than just you know, being stupidly boring.
They then find out that Ranbir, who up till this point has been shown as the class failure, has been offered a scholarship to study journalism in the US. He leaves, breaking Deepika's heart, but she has by that point gained a best friend in Kalki.
Fast forward 5 years, and we see Ranbir working as a camera person for a travel show on Fox Travel. He seems dejected by all the fancy traveling to new places, experiencing great things and getting paid for all that fun. A job that almost every person in the world would KILL for.
He is on the verge of getting promoted when he gets the invitation for Kalki's wedding to Dude from Delhi Belly. He then decides to LEAVE the great job and go home to India where he meets Barely-Any-Clothes Deepika, dances with her and realizes he is in love with her. He also helps Kalki and Loser Dude with their lives, making us realize that he is the glue holding us all together. 
He expresses his love for Deepika, and she first says no due to the fact that she already has Some Other Dude. And then she says yes, because she can't help herself. Then she says no again.
AND THEN, Ranbir in an extremely romantic moment barges into her house, kisses her and then spends about 11 minutes of the movie convincing her that he loves her and will leave his AMAZING job to be all lovey and unemployed with her.
The Good: I am not entirely sure, but I think Deepika has about 14 sentences in the entire movie.
The Bad: EVERY thing else.

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