21 November 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

You know how there are movies that make you go aww and feel all warm inside? And then there are some movies which are just so cute that it physically hurts to turn away. And some movies that make you feel like there is a litter of fluffy puppies prancing all over you.
Well, this movie is a combination of all of them. 
Filled to the brim with Adorableness.

We flash back to Swallow Falls at the end of the last movie, the Magic Food Making Machine with an Elaborate Abbreviation has been disabled and people are all happy again. Flint Lockwood along with Sam Sparks and all the team decide to create a team and go on an invention spree.
However, they are interrupted by Lockwood's childhood hero Chester V, who arrives to invite Flint to his company to design The-Next-Best-Thing, and offer to clean up Swallow Falls. But, wait! There's a catch! The people of Swallow falls must leave to make sure that they don't interfere with the clean up process.
Cut to a building/office space that looks eerily similar to a Google office. He spends the next six months creating it. Meanwhile his friends are trying to adjust to a life that not on an island.
Suddenly Flint is invited to the Office of Chester where he explains that the the food of the Magic Food Machine has melded with the ecosystem and has created an amalgamation of food-animals who are running rampant in Swallow Falls.
It is now the job of Flint Lockwood and Co. to go back to Swallow Falls and get rid of the food-animals.
It is a beautifully animated and charming movie. You just know that the makers of the movie had some cray-cray imagination going on in there.
It's filled to the brim with adorableness and has a great essence to it. And it has Anna Faris, neil Patrick Harris AND Bill Hader.
Watch it!
Watch it, now!
No, seriously, stop reading this, silly-billy, go and watchy-watchy.

The Good: Have I not said enough?
The Bad: It's just the tiniest bit childish in some places. But ignore that. And it's still super cute.

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