2 November 2013

Lone Ranger

Despite the miserable reviews that it got, I liked it. Something to do with Armie Hammer's delectable voice and the fact that I am in love with everything Depp.
But despite that, I still enjoyed the essence of the movie.

This movie was a quintessential Wild Wild West movie. Except for the fact that it had great action and a delightful script.
It's made as a narration of the life of Tonto and Johnny, told by Tonto to a child in a museum.
It perfectly combined the quirky style of Depp and the humor you come to expect of his movies.
I had to watch about 70 minutes worth the movie in order to realize that the main love interest was Jane from Jane Eyre. Such a shame that she's been typecast this way. However, she did do justice to the role, portraying a beautiful damsel in distress. She is married to Hammer's older brother and has a son with him, and somehow has all the time in the world to have sexual tension with her brother-in-law. In an unfortunate incident the brother dies, leaving Hammer to swoop in and console the grieving widow with his Body of a Wonderland.
Hammer portrays a law loving naive lawyer who in a freak accident bonds with Tonto (Depp), and then becomes a ranger out to free the desert of the Indians. He eventually realizes that the life that he lives is that of a lie, gets attacked, dies, is saved by Tonto spiritually, becomes like a weird immortal thing-a-ma-bob which can't be harmed in war, and in a Robin Hood twist goes rouge with Tonto. They are also helped by a Madame of a brothel, played by Helena Bonham Carter, who instills the faith that even the weird girls can be appreciated.
This movie combines two of my favorite things, the wonderful concept and raw magnetism of Zorro and the mystery of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
The cinematography of the movie was something that I enjoyed immensely. Due to me being a massive nerd, I do enjoy the lens flares that the Star Trek movies have become famous for, which is there plentiful in this movie as well.
There never was a movie that Gore Verbinski made that I didn't like. And it is true for this as well. I am a huge believer that half of the movie resides in the brain of the director, and Gore is one of the few who manage to make it come to life.
I am also a huge sucker for a good background score, and Lone Ranger does not disappoint in anyway. 
The problem that I faced with this movie was that, if I wasn't such a fan of almost everyone who worked in the movie, I would have stopped watching halfway through. The story just didn't seem gripping enough and the buildup to the same was a little too long.
The movie struggled with severe highs and lows, when the action was going on there was nothing I could do but stop blinking but then there would be a long period of Johnny Depp being and looking mysterious.
Maybe because I never heard The Lone Ranger on radio before so I was under no illusions as to what I should expect from the same. 
It was like a regular buddy cop film, where they take two people with opposing personalities with the same agenda. And then their travels together bring out the best in the other and wheee, they become best friends. But still, you could almost definitely watch this movie and walk away with absolutely no regrets.

The Good: Need I say more?
The Bad: The scene where the brother dies stretched out a bit too much for my liking. Though I did like him in the beginning, I was sorta happy to watch him die. 

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