21 November 2013

The To Do List

And the Bill Hader week continues with "The To-do list". I again absolutely love everything Hader.

Set in the mid 90's the To-Do List follows the life of a socially awkward and super genius Aubrey Plaza, who is on a mission. On a mission to de-virginize herself in all ways possible. She goes on this mission after being heckled at her during her valedictorian speech at her high school graduation. She then goes to her first high school party and meets imaginatively named Rusty Waters, a college guy with so very many muscles. 
Her sister Rachel Bilson who is marrying my all time favorite comedian Adam Pally and her parents seem to always be conflicted with the amount of information they want to provide their daughter with the world of the 'sex'.   
She joins a public swimming pool as a lifeguard and guess who her boss is? Rusty Waters, who seems to be weirdly interested in Plaza.
Oh, and his boss is Bill Hader. Who despite being a pool manager can not swim. She is joined by Cameron, her lab partner from high school, who is co-incidentally in love with her. 
Thus, begins a love triangle between Plaza, Cameron and Rusty Waters. 
It starts with Plaza using Cameron as her little play thing in order to complete her list of sexual ting-tings, but continues to flirt and hope for the final shebang with Rusty Waters.
All of the teenage hormones boils down to Aubrey Plaza making Andy Samberg, who is a stoner band dude. They get caught by Bill Hader and that's when you realise that he is infact super awesome indeed. 
The movie ends rather abruptly, and has many dips in the middle of the movie.
It does feature several of my favorite actors, Andy Samberg, Don Glover, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Clark Gregg are only some of them.
The story is a great one, and I have always loved Aubrey Plaza's deadpan delivery, however, just this once, I would need a little more reaction to be a bit more happy with the movie.
All in all, it's a great example of a coming to age movie but I guess that once that you cross the age mark of being young enough to giggle at the word pe**s, you probably won't enjoy it as much.
The Good: It's like the Pokemon of movies, it's got them all.
The Bad: It's just the tiniest bit shy of being awesome.

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