12 December 2013


I adored Joseph Gordon-Levitt in '3rd Rock from the Sun', I loved him in '10 Things I Hate about You' and I decided that if I was to ever crazy stalk someone, I would choose him after '500 days of Summer'. And now, after '50/50', I know I was right in all those decisions.

50/50 follows the life of a an average Joe who has been living an average life. He has a foul-mouthed best friend, a 'how-is-she-with-him?' artsy girlfriend and works a regular job. And suddenly everything changes with him being diagnosed with cancer. 
He and his life is upturned with lots of changes coming in from all directions. He has to quit his job, turn more of his attention to his emotions and generally have to deal with things that he was not prepared for. 
If you think that this movie is about cancer, or something along the lines of "My Sister's Keeper" and you think it'll make you sad and cry, then you are wrong. This movie is a beautiful telling of a journey that one goes through. The denial, the anger, the resentment, the bargaining, the acceptance and the eventual fight that seeps through. 
When I found out that it was loosely based on Seth Rogen's friend life, the story became even more appealing. 
JGL does an excellent portrayal of a 20-something who is trying to figure out who he is, and then having to deal with cancer on top of that. When I first saw the movie, I knew that the lead was to be played by James McAvoy, who had to back out and then was replaced with JGL. So, I went in with a bit of pre-disposed prejudice about the lead. But when I reached the halfway point of the movie, overwhelmed with the amazing acting abilities of JGL.
Seth Rogen has always seemed to play the same role, the foul mouthed but internally good guy. But in this instance it worked. And worked wonderfully. 
The small role that Jessica Chastain played was also a well done effort. And the same could be said for Anjelica Houston.
Anna Kendrick was a wonderful surprise to me. She has a penchant for playing anxious little girls who are guarded/angry. BUT this time she played an anxious little girl who was warm and just... warm. (I can't think of another word) 
All in all, it was wonderfully filmed and then put over some wonderful soundtrack that made us all understand emotions with silences and facial expressions.
Which is the sort of filmography that I love.
Watch this movie. No, seriously. Watch it.

The Good: It was realistic.
The Bad: It ended with no sequel. I want more!