26 January 2014

12 Years a Slave

I should really just write down a list of the awards it's up for and say, 'Watch it'.
But since, I love the sound of my own written word, you get to read about it!

The inspired-from-true-events movie follows the life of an African American called Solomon who lived a prosperous and happy life with his family. One day he is abducted and being 'coloured' he is sold into slavery.
What follows next is the story of how a man went from being free and happy to being enslaved and beaten for years, until one day he manages to return home.
It is a heart breaking story and it will make you cry. A lot.
The filming seems to have been primarily in the South of America, with many scenes next to picturesque bayous.
There is extremely strong acting throughout the movie, but personally I felt that there were scenes where Solomon seemed dispassionate about what he was saying.
The movie was quite graphic and it will make you cringe. It's not just what they are doing, but also what they are saying.
Racial slurs fly by faster than kingfishers hunting and there is violence in it that would make JigSaw happy.
The script and story is really strong, but for someone as fidgety as me, there were bits that dragged on, and on and on.
The movie worked really well with showing the difference is races for those days and also portrayed it very realistically. Some of the supporting actors were by far some of the best I have ever seen, sometimes even stealing the show from the main actors.
It was especially inspiring to see Michael Fassbender and Paul Dano being truly spectacular. Their acting was absolutely brilliant.
The only thing missing was the extreme lack of a great soundtrack to go along with the images. It was poor and quite less than ordinary and not what should have been along with a movie with such power in it.
It is good movie to watch for sure, but don't be surprised if it doesn't blow you away entirely.

The Good: The ending sequence really ties the story together.
The Bad: The violence was a little too real to be comfortable watching 

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