16 January 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg finally gets his due!

Nine-nine is the story of smart mouthed, wise cracking police detective who works in the 99th precinct of Brooklyn. He along with his co workers have to deal with the crime and stupidity of the vagabonds of New York, and along the way they have very many hilarious side adventures.
There exists an expressionless boss who also adds to the comic value of the show. With great dialogues and brilliant quips the show ensures that you will be rolling about laughing every time.
There is a certain lack of chemistry with the main female lead, and Andy Samberg, but despite that they manage to pull together.
The handful of episodes that do exist of the show are wonderfully made and have some great scenes of acting. Andy Samberg ensures that you will not finish watching the episode without giggling at least once.
Or well, chuckling, if you are not a 7 year old girl.
They cannot make episodes fast enough to make me happy.
Watch it now!

The Good: You get Andy Samberg uninterrupted for almost 21 mins in a go.
The Bad: Not enough episodes.

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