19 January 2014


Creativity really goes to town with titles like these.

Dads is a tv show about two middle aged men, who work together in a video game company and now suddenly have to deal with the fact that their fathers have moved in and need to take care of them. 
It stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, or as we know them, the funny ginger guy who is in everything and Frank Jr. They do an alright job of being funny. Which is disappointing.
Ribisi is a married man with 2 children and lives with his father and Seth is a confirmed bachelor whose father snakes his way into his house.
The guys are best friends and that means that the dads must also become best friends.
The show is filled with silly jokes and uncomfortable situations, like the scene when the dads and the guys have a stoner-off to see who can handle their pot better.
The show is meant to show how difficult it is to be middle aged and have your parents live with you. 
HOWever, what sort of premise is that?
A very large percentage of people in the world live with their parents and take care of them in their old age. Who would make a show that highlights the issues with the situation?
If the show was funny, then we could still accept it, but it's sadly just not that much.
Brenda Song is in the tv show as well, all grown up and hipster. And even she's not funny. I guess she needs to be in a role where she's daddy's little girl to able to make us laugh.
Don't watch the tv show unless you are really, really desperate.

The Good: Giovanni Ribisi got another role. Yayyee!

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