16 January 2014

Dan in Real Life

I know, I know. This movie came out 7 years ago. Why am I talking about it now?
Because it is severely underappreciated, that's why!

There is a inherent beauty in this movie that people haven't noticed and the thought of that makes me sad.
We see the life of a middle aged widow with three daughters. He lost his wife and a large part of his happiness a long time ago. Since then he has decided to throw himself in the lives of his daughters. Until the day he meets exotic sounding Juliette Binoche in a book store and hits it off with her immediately. Things in life finally start to look up. He then has to take a family trip to his parents house, where his younger brother Dane Cook introduces everyone to his new girlfriend, who could pass for his mother, Juliette!
The next few days are spent with Juliette and Steve denying their attraction to each other in typical rom-com fashion while everyone around seems oblivious.
The sexual tension boils down to all of them having a talent night. Everyone shows off their talent (of course!) but then Dane Cook decides to sing to Juliette and asks his big brother to accompany him on his guitar. 
*Super Gasp*
Steve hadn't played the guitar since his wife had left him, so everyone is surprised with the pleasant change. Dane Cook begins to sing to realise that he doesn't remember all the words. Big Brother decides to step in and sings the rest, almost in a serenade to Juliette. 

She tears up, so does everyone else and she decides to break up with Dane. Before leaving she and Steve decide to go bowling and end up kissing. 
*Super Mega Gasp*
But at that very precise moment his entire family walks in, presumably to cheer Dan up after his old-woman girlfriend dumped him. He punches Steve and Juliette leaves.
Steve all sad and things because of his deviated septum talks things through with his girls and his parents, who then encourage to Go Get The Girl. FYI, that is also the motto for every rom com ever written.
He gets the girl, they get married and live happily ever after. 
And I cry looking at the screen saying, "I am going to die alone."
It is an absolutely beautiful movie which leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. There are some great comic scenes every now and then but it's more serious than anything else. It's great to see Steve doing things other than comedy, Dane to do exactly what he does in every single movie and Juliette's pretty accent.
It's a brilliantly shot movie which shows that even ordinary films can have great direction.

The Good: It gave me my favorite song of all time, Pete Townsend's 'Let my love open the Door'
The Bad: It was over too soon.


  1. Awww . You did Dan In Real Life . It is very not talked about . But Awwww

    1. People need to know about such cinematic beauty.