25 January 2014

Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn is 43 years old.
Any role he does trying to convince us otherwise, isn't working.

Delivery Man follows the life of an irresponsible middle aged man who works in his father's meat shop.
His life has constantly been in a routine of a regular 21 year old- working for his dad, gambling, growing pot and ruins his relationships.
Until one day his sorta-girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant. However, she wants him to have nothing to do with their child. He reevaluates his life, and then he is told that the sperm he donated to a fertility clinic, oh so many years ago, have actually helped sire over 500 children.
And of those 500, 143 (I could be wrong, this was the boring bit) wanted to get in touch with their biological father.
While his lawyer friend advises him to not contact any of them, he finds out that some of his sired children have achieved great things.
And then we continue on to a wonderfully long montage of Vince discovering himself and proving his thus gained self to his preggers girlfriend.
The movie takes about 27 mins to prove to you that despite calling itself a comedy-drama movie, it is really not funny. The amount of soul in the movie is not enough. It doesn't make you go awww.
There is a lot of scope of acting in this movie especially from Vince.
The story of Deliver Man was an original French movie, which became a French-Canadian movie, which became a Bollywood movie and finally a Hollywood one.
All in all it was a terrible excuse for a movie. It had tremendous potential but nothing went beyond being 'eehn!'

The Good: Bobby Moynihan tried to be funny
The Bad: I will never get back this time of my life.

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