16 January 2014

Don Jon

I think I have well established my love and lust for Joseph Gordon Levitt. But no amount of love in the world can make me sit through another viewing of Don Jon.

We see JGL, a typical sleazy guy from New Jersey with roots in Italy who likes his women on a computer screen. He likes them in person as well, but he keeps comparing them to the women in the screen. He has a horrible nasal accent, and that weird haircut with the sides shaved. I mean, what even is that, do you WANT to look like a carrot everyday?
He usually meets women in clubs with his friends and one fine day, he meets nasal accented Scarlett Johansson. He begins dating her only to find that she doesn't compare to the women on his screen. She tries to make over his life, leave the porn behind, join a night class in college and even clean his apartment. She meets the parents as well, turning over a new page in his life. Everything is going great until he meets Julianne Moore, a student in his night class. She also, happens to be the only one in the entire movie who speaks like a normal person. She becomes friends with him and then she slowly starts affecting his lifestyle. 
The next most obvious thing happens with him falling in love with her and forgetting all about Scarlett.
The movie was directed by JGL himself and you can see where he went wrong. The story itself is good, but there is a lack of soul in the script, which only comes out in the last 15 minutes. There is great picturisation of the entire film and is put together in a quirky and edgy manner. The acting leaves a lot to desire especially with JGL. You can see that he is trying to do different roles, but this one wasn't a great decision. I went into the movie thinking it was about porn addiction, and boy, was I wrong. All the movie does is talk about the issue, and has nothing about dealing with it. The ageist in me came leaping out at the part where JGL falls in love with Juliane. It just didn't seem real. There was literally no comedy in the entire film which just added to the disappointment.
Watch it if you must, but don't, just don't watch it.

The Good: JGL is all buff and things.
The Bad: The constant fake nasal accent just never ends.

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