25 January 2014


The movie that will give you chills.

The movie has a premise of people hating winter. Which for a person like me, who has been born and raised in the tropical heartland, is insane.
The movie follows the life of two princesses, Elsa and Anna, the former of which has the superpower of creating ice/snow. One night while playing, Elsa hit Anna in the head causing a strand of her hair to white.
Her parents upon the advice of trolls who look like rocks, hide Elsa away from the entire world, especially from her sister.
Years go by, and in a cruel twist of fate, the parents die, and yet, Elsa cannot comfort her younger sister because of her commitment to the promise.
Some more years go by, and suddenly it's Elsa's coronation day and apparently it's the first time the doors of the castle are opened. At least that's what we gather from the reaction of Anna. While Anna is leaping from post to post singing about how happy she is to interact with people and fall in love, Elsa is dealing with the pressure of being 'normal'.
And of course, Anna falls in love with the first guy she meets and decides to get engaged to him. When she announces it to Elsa, she says the revolutionary sentence, 'You can't marry a man you just met.'
Silly Disney, doesn't it realise that it needs more than one movie to change the 40-year old idea that girls must marry the first stranger that they meet.
But when Anna presses Elsa to change her mind, Elsa loses control and shows her powers. Which shock and awe everyone.
Elsa flees, thinking that she is monster who will hurt everyone around her, and Anna runs after her. However, Elsa being the Ice Queen and everything manages to climb the tallest mountain in the vicinity and set up an ice castle, leaving their city under constant winter, well before Anna could say 'Catherine Zeta-Jones'
Anyway Anna meets Kristoff and his reindeer Sven on the way and recruits them to help her. On the way they also meet Olaf, a snowman that became animated with the help of Elsa's magic. The four of them find their way to Elsa's new crib where she attacks Anna and sets a snowyeti thing on them. They flee only to find out that Elsa hit Anna in the heart and the only thing that can save her is an act of true love.
The movie is filled to the brim with adorableness with several comedic moments. The animation of the men was brilliant, the women still looked like Barbie dolls.
There is a lot of heart warming and breaking moments throughout the movie. Within 11 minutes of the movie, the parents die suddenly and in the words of my roommate Kim, "What sort of children's movie is this?!
But it does, really does get better from there.

The Good: The reindeer is like an adorable dog!
The Bad: There are just so many songs. It's like watching a Bollywood movie. 

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