12 January 2014

Girl Most Likely

A Kristen Wiig movie? It must be funny!

The movie follows the story of a exhausted and given-up-on-life playwright who has a falling career and a dead end relationship. 
She has to make the dreaded move back to her hometown New Jersey, to live with her mom, just to find herself face-to-face with a new man sleeping with her mother and a new man sleeping in her room. 
While she goes about trying to fix all these things in her life, we follow her on her path where she rediscovers herself in the most boring way possible.
The movie is meant to be funny with a family feel to it where you can find something about yourself along with the main character. 
HOWEVER, the funny thing turns out to be false with little to no comedy what so ever. The horrible thing about the movie was that, it took me about 4 tries to watch the entire movie in one sitting. It started incredibly slowly and then suddenly ended. 
It just seemed like the script wasn't entirely thought out and the director just lost steam at the end of the movie and decided to end the damn thing already. 
There were some cute moments in the movie but they were quickly followed with moments that were meant to be funny but weren't actually.
It was incredibly disappointing to watch the movie, because Kristen Wiig is just usually funny and so is Matt Dillon. Darren Criss, the beautiful man that he is, also does no justice to his reputation of being brilliant at acting. AND he doesn't have gel in his hair, that makes him even more adorable and even then I wasn't able to love him in the movie.
I would really not recommend this movie to anybody to watch.
The Good:  Darren Criss and his shirtless body
The Bad: Kristen Wiig not being funny
The Epiphany: Kristen Wiig is only funny when she is blond, not brunette.

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