22 January 2014


Hey, you there! *waving vigorously*
Yes, you!

Have you ever looked around, bored and didn't know what to do?
Then you decided to watch a tv show, or a movie.
BUT, there are just so many choices.
And IMDB and Wiki can just tell you what the movie is about, not what they thought of it.
Now finally you have a place, that you can trust to tell you the truth.
A place that will speak it's mind about the movie or tv show.
A place that will make many spelling errors, but will hope that you will not notice them.

The place that we call The Flamboyant Press.

Read on through the many reviews for famous(or sometimes, not so famous) movies and tv shows and pick what you want to watch and fall in love with.

And feel free to comment down below for any requests that you may have for any particular movie or tv show that you want me to watch and review.

Or comment if you just like what you are reading!

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