15 January 2014

Insidious 1&2

But Zarah, TWO movies in ONE go?
How could I not, when they are this AWE-some!

If you are worried about watching a scary movie, don't be. The two Insidious movie's are wonderful thrillers with a few jumpy bits. 
I don't want to go into much detail about the story, because that is just something you have to visually enjoy rather than read on some teenage girl's blog. 
HOWever, I can regale you with all the wonder that is this mega-creepy movie. 
There is brilliantly thought out story which they manage to cover really well. They also have great actors in the movie. Other than the main woman. She is good in comedy, she should stick to that. 
There isn't really a lot of potential for great picturization but they have tried their best.
The movie is largely told by pictures rather than anything else, which is unusual for scary movies. 
Plus the scary characters in the movies are actually scary and not just grotesque creepy looking things. And there is a scary guy that looks eerily like Loki, from the comic books.
I really can't go into more about the same without going into detail about the story, which is a shame. So just go and watch the movies already! And do watch both of them together, it makes more sense that way. 

The Good: There is an actual story in a scary movie
The Bad: There are still some plot lines left in the movie.

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