25 January 2014

Killer Women

This show should come with warning, "It will blow your mind in less time than it takes to boil an egg."

We see the life of Molly Parker who is a recent divorcee, living with her brother's family. She is also one of two women employed as a ranger. Specifically as a Texan Ranger. She also plays the saxophone and is an all round bad-ass. 
The show is a crime/detective show which ensures that after only one show you will be hooked. There hasn't been a great development in a continuous story, but every single episode is a great story in itself. 
This is one of the shows that has an unbelievable score, which leaves goosebumps on my skin. It has got an Latin, Mexican and Spanish flair to it, which is just so much fun.
There is great acting in the show and is absolutely impressive.
The show is produced by Sofia Vergara, so you know that they show will be filled with pretty people. 
And that these pretty people are really good at what they do. 
The show is super dramatic, and when it is coupled with the AWESOME music, it feels like you are watching a Nolan movie. 
Oh MY GOD! It is exactly like watching a Nolan movie.
(I actually came up with the analogy while writing this, hence the excitement)
Just watch the show. It is a little too cool.

The Good: Have I not said enough?
The Bad: The actress looks a little too old to be playing the character she is playing. 

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