25 January 2014

Legend of Hercules

For a person who is as enamoured as me by Greek Mythology, this movie was like catnip.

We follow the life of demi-god Hercules from inception till he becomes a grown up gladiator. The story goes that a power hungry Greek Ruler goes on a rampage trying to amass as many as possible lands around him. His wife becomes terrified of the tyrant and his power and asks the Gods for help. Hera appears to her and tells that she must bear another son, for the sake of peace. And the son must be fathered by Zeus, and he must be names Hera-cules or Hercules to depict the sacrifice that Hera made for the sake of the nation. The tyrant obviously hates Hercules and the feeling is shared by Hercules's half brother.
There is also a romantic interest in the form of Eastern European accented Hebe, which the Disney fan-girl in me protests loudly. If it's not Megara then she's not the one for Hercules. 
What follows is a lot of government talk and extended action sequences. 
Some scenes seem as though you are watching a better lit version of 300. 
When I saw the movie I was expecting at least some of it to be about the Labours of Hercules or about the actual legends of Hercules. Instead I was given shots of a lot of war and talking.
The dialogue delivery was strange as well. You were either straining to hear or shirking from the yelling. The picturisation starts out strong but then melts away into the darkness. Acting is slightly stilted, especially from Kellan Lutz.
The fight scenes are very well choreographed, and depicted, even though sometimes it feels like you are watching a WWE fight. 
The scene when Zeus 'visits' Hercules's mother, is incredibly long and cringe-worthy. 
Hercules is shown as a twenty something dude who can't keep it in his pants for a woman who doesn't even know his real name and is technically engaged to his half brother, and other than that he doesn't really seem to care for much else. This shallow version of a Greek hero makes me sad to say the least.
You can watch the movie, but I doubt you'd leave happy.

The Good: Another Greek mythology movie!
The Bad: Their facts were wrong. Hebe, the goddess of youth is a child of Hera and Zeus. Why would she be walking about on Earth making eyes at her half brother? 

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