25 January 2014


It's like a strange and uncomfortable version of Fight Club. 

If you have ever read James Patterson's 'Kiss the Girls' then you can expect the visualization of the book in this movie.
It is an extremely strange movie where a couple kidnaps 50 women and pits them against each other in exchange for their families safety.
We join them when only 22 women are left and the weird/crazy couple who strangely have an entire team of extremely trained soldiers to keep the women in line.
The idea is that all the women will keep fighting amongst themselves, until one is left.
The weird couple insist on calling them Medea, taking from the greek myth of a cray-cray woman who dismembered her lover since he didn't give her the Golden Fleece.
So basically, the crazy man compared the normal women who he kidnapped to someone else crazy.
Does anyone notice the irony?
There is a lot of fighting in the movie, girl-on-girl. Which is worth an eyebrow raise.
The movie makes no sense, and is too gory to be comfortable with viewing. And there is no sense in the dialogues. They just keep saying things and it doesn't have any logic.
It had promising score initially but then the tables turned quickly as the movie progressed into a semi-erotic weird movie that people are actually expected to pay to watch.
Just. Just stay away from this movie.

The Good: It's only just a movie. It's not real life.
The Bad: They are trying to make us think that it is real life. 

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