25 January 2014

Super Fun Night

The name really gives away the plot of the show, doesn't it?

Created by Rebel Wilson, the show is a comedic rollercoaster. As in, one minute it's HI-larious and the next you are wondering why you are watching it in the first place.
We see the life of a trio of ever so slightly pathetic women. An insecure lawyer, an extremely butch tennis coach and a required actor from a minority group to make sure that everyone knows that this show is 'diverse', an Asian. The three of them decide that in order to break out of their rut, they must do at least one fun thing one a week, which they call their Super Fun Night. Which is the one night of the week we get to join in their adventures. 
It is an actually funny show, it is just not as funny one would hope it is.
There are several continuing storylines, some of which are the breaking of social norms and the competition for an odd little Englishman.
While you won't be left in splits at the end of the show, you will go back for more. It's addictive that way.

The Good: Finally, a show with a name that delivers.
The Bad: I'm 4 episodes in, and I am yet to LOL!

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