16 January 2014

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Mark Ruffalo in a movie where he doesn't rip his shirt off and become a huge green monster? Unusual. Addiction really seems to be the topic of the season doesn't it.

Mark Ruffalo stars as a sex addict who is halfway through recovery when he meets Gwyneth Paltrow. His friends from therapy include 'been in recovery for years' Tim Robbins and 'just realised he's an addict' Josh Gad.
The movie follows the life of these three people in three different stages of recovery from addiction as they deal with the changes in their lives.
Ruffalo has to deal with being a mentee to Josh Gad who is still in denial and his new girlfriend who begins to show tendencies of neurotic behaviour. He has a bit where he falls off the wagon and then has to reinvent his life to get back on track.
Tim Robbins used to be an alcoholic and sex addict and gave his wife hepatitis and has an estranged druggie son. He slowly has to rebuild his relationship with the son which proves to be difficult with both of them having trust issues.
Josh Gad is a medical professional who loses his job thanks to his addiction and then has to deal with the aftermath of the addiction.
Don't let the name Alecia Moore trick you, its just P!nk using her real name. She plays a brilliant role of a heroin and sex addict who finds her first guy friend in Josh Gad. And of course, you can't put P!nk in a movie without having her sing. And the song has to be sung while burning Josh Gad's porn stash.
It is a beautiful movie which could be confused with an art film but is so much more.
The decision to take three people in different stages of their addiction was a brilliant portrayal of issue. There is beautiful cinematography with great dialogues which actually make you feel for the characters. Gwyneth Paltrow seems so super thin, there were just too many bones there. With clothes on though, she looked great. How does that woman not age?
It is a slow movie, and you need to watch it all the way through to really get the essence of the movie.

The Good: It's just such a pretty movie
The Bad: Subtlety is not a thing practised in this movie. 

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