12 January 2014

The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in a buddy cop movie together?
Sign me up!

These two absolutely wonderful actors star in a movie with a sensible and by-the-book cop in Bullock and a wise cracking, foul mouthed with violence in her bloodstream in McCarthy.
It follows the story as this unlikely pair has to work together in order to solve a major crime. Despite initial fallout due their opposing natures, they manage to come together and work together.
The movie follows the classic genre in Buddy-Cop movies, but with the magic twist of finally using women in the plot of the movie.
Taran Killam, from Saturday Night Live makes a guest appearance in movie, which delighted me to no end.
The movie has a great feel to it, it's comedic appeal is by far exemplary of McCarthy and her genius acting.
To me it seemed like Sandra Bullock was reprising the same character that she played in Miss Congeniality 1&2, which you know, been there, seen that.
However, it was still great acting on her part. There were several funny quips throughout the movie which left you deliciously tickled for a long while. There is a background story that is going on which is slightly overshadowed by the banter between the two cops in the movie but they manage to tie it back down in the end.
The direction helped make it just that good of a movie, but the cinematography left a lot to desire.

The Good: SO super funny!
The Bad:  We've Sandra Bullock do all of this before.

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