16 January 2014

The Middle

Your's is definitely not the craziest family on the block anymore.

With 5 very distinct but very relatable characters you can be assured that the show will make you laugh all the time. 
We have a crazed mum who is overburdened by the pressures of parenthood, a dispassionate dad who loves his routine, two teenagers who are polar opposites of each other and a kid who would rather face a book than people.
The show is a one camera show, but you would never know it. Filled with brilliantly funny and realistic scenes you will feel like you are a part of the family.
Despite the fact that the wig that they make the mum wear hasn't changed in 4 seasons, it still a good show.
Neil Flynn is a great actor who does angry and surly really well as we have all witnessed from his performance in Scrubs.
Eden Sher, Charlie McDermott and Atticus Shaffer are all young stars but they have definitely proved their value, with superb acting skills and great delivery of lines.
You can watch the show and be assured that you will end up liking it a lot. It's like a version of Modern Family. If you liked that, you will like this.

The Good: It hurts your stomach to watch
The Bad: (I sat staring at this place for 7 mins before I decided that there isn't anything wrong with this show)

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