15 January 2014


Racing movie about snails? How silly. That's not a thing.

But DreamWorks, makes it a thing. 

It is an adorable movie which follows the life and times of Turbo and his brother who work on a tomato plant. But in typical DreamWorks fashion, Turbo has a dream, deep within himself. A dream to become a *drumroll* A RACE CAR DRIVER! And specifically, race in the Indy 500.
Of course, being a snail and thus, one of the slowest animals in the world, he is the laughing stock of the entire snail community. One day while wandering the streets he gets ingested into the engine of a car, inhales/drinks the nitrous present and voila! He becomes a car.
Well, he gets the properties of a car, including the speed.
Next thing you know, he and his brother have been ousted from their community and they leave and get picked up by a Mexican/Latina guy who has a taco truck with his brother. They take them to the corner sidey looking part of town where they run the taco truck. There we are introduced to the locals who, wouldn'tyaknowit like to race snails and bet money on it. That's where Turbo's skills are discovered and he becomes the object of envy of his fellow racers, who are by the way all street thug-y. Lot's of stereotypes of Mexican people later, we find ourselves living the dream of Turbo. The reach the Indy 500 and looky-looky, they win. Making the corner sidey area of town a super rich part of town.
It's an adorable movie with the usual DreamWorks spin on it. It may be a little childish, but wouldn't you expect that from an animated movie?
You can watch it once if you are above the mental age of 20, and anything below, you can keep watching it again and again. 
It's not particularly funny, but has a great family feel to it. Ryan Reynolds has definitely made his mark in the animated movie area what with The Croods and now with Turbo. With the voices of Luis Guzman, Samuel L. Jackson and Maya Rudolph, you can be assured of a great time.

The Good: Finally, a movie about snails.
The Bad: It's a movie about snails.

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  1. What if you have the mental age of a 7 year old?