16 January 2014

Wolf Of Wall Street

Or as I like to call it, 'Just give him an Oscar already!'
The Great Leonardo strikes yet again! 

It was the last movie of 2013 and what a movie it was! 
From the brilliant mind of Martin Scorsese comes a fantastic new movie, all about investments.
Or stock brokers.
Or both.
I don't really understand THAT particular aspect of the movie. 
We follow the life of an extremely smart and talented Leo, who wants to make money and fast. He doesn't really care about the legality of the issue, just wants the money.
If you manage to throw in some drugs in there with a change of wife and kids, then he is all set. 
The money shows his journey from a nobody to massive somebody excellently, and Leo does a great impression of a guy out for himself and no one else. 
See now, that's a New Jersey accent that doesn't sound fake. 
Cristin Milioti has a short role in this movie as well, guess that explains her absence from HIMYM. 
The movie managed to show the jungle that Wall Street is and the animals it makes the people who work there. 
Great scenes with absolutely wonderful dialogues which mean that you will walk away with goosebumps on your arms.
Jonah Hill has also been a great surprise, he looks the part he is meant to play and he does it with ease. The drug abuse throughout the movie was portrayed excellently, with some great point-of-view shots that helped with the comic appeal.
Matthew McConaughey had a super short role as well and while he did that wonderfully, he did look a little stretched. No, not fat. Stretched, like Bruce Jenner. That's not an attractive thing.
The only thing that Scorsese did go away from was to go the Woody Allen way, and break the 4th wall often. Which was a great change. 
There was a great story, some of which may go over your head if you are like and don't really understand what the boys in Wall Street do, but you will enjoy it nonetheless.
Leo with dark hair and significantly less muscle looked wonderful and that in itself is a reason to go watch the movie!
There are some beautiful pictures in the movie which makes a treat for the eyes.
I would give it 7 out of 5 stars.

The Good: The speech when Leo first chooses to leave his firm. I was holding my breath for the entire scene.
The Bad: Hollow Man lookalike Matthew McConaughey.

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