10 February 2014

August: Osage County

I walked out of the movie hall unable to tell you what the story of the movie was.

The movie follows the life and times of an extremely dysfunctional family. Meryl Streep is a cancer patient who is eccentric to say the least. She drives her loving husband, who is called Beverly by the way, crazy who just ups and leaves one day. This means that the entire family must now travel down to Osage county to be with Meryl, who true to form is busy smoking and drinking and saying mean and hurtful things. Her oldest daughter, Julia Roberts, is busy dealing with her husband, Ewan Mcgregor who is busy cheating with a Twinkie, and her teenage daughter who is too busy being emo to care. Her middle daughter, the timid one, has stayed behind to live in Osage to look after her mother. She also is in love with her younger cousin shy and adorable Benedict Cumberbatch, her mother's sister's son and dreams of running away with him and living in New York. Her youngest daughter is a loud and abrasive woman who runs through men quickly and brings home Dermot Mulroney, who ends up making a move on the teenage girl only to be hit by a shovel.
A weird movie.
The acting is incredibly good with a lot of emphasis on silences and looks. The direction must be pretty good, seeing as the story was super weird. The filmography was beautiful and seemed well thought out. That's a strange way to say it, but it just seemed well thought out.
There really wasn't much going on, story-wise. So if you go into it with a commercial mind set you won't be able to appreciate it.
There is literally no reason to watch the movie. Believe me.

The Good: Benedict Cumberbatch sings. And looks adorable while doing it.
The Bad: Bald Meryl Streep. Just picture it. 

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