28 February 2014

Broad City

From the amazingly hilarious mind of Amy Poehler comes a brand new tv show that proves, just because you are funny doesn't mean you can make someone else funny.

Broad City follows the lives two twenty-something girls living in New York City and being regular 21st century girls.
They FaceTime each other all the time, smoke weed and are generally trying to ding their way in life. They want to grow up but continue doing childish thing while they are at it.
One of the girls is a aspiring gym trainer who's unrecognized talents are put to cleaning duty, and the other works for a company doing god-only-knows what and getting no money for it in return.
The show leaves a lot to be desired. The show is about young people in New York, as though it hasn't already been done to death. Seinfeld, Friends, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother just to name a few.
There is a lot of potential for humor in the show, there definitely is. But the dialogue doesn't deliver. The actors seems like very nice girls. That is truly one the best thing that I can say about them. Their performance with a severe lack of substance feels like a cheese grater on my skin. It is quite disappointing to see this show after the hype that surrounded it, especially with regards to the fact that Amy Poehler is involved. I mean, she makes a show about parks funny! How could she go so wrong?
There are admittedly only a handful of episodes out but there seems to be no obvious plot line that the show would want to follow.
I was honestly quite sad after seeing this show.

The Good: More New York city!
The Bad: It's just SUCH a bad show

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