19 February 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

Are you ready for 118 mins of sheer brilliance?

Matthew McConaughey plays a strongly homophobic man whose life is turned upside down when he finds out that he has been tested positive for AIDS. He has so far lived a very typical life for a southern farmer in the 70’s. He meets Jennifer Garner, a doctor in the hospital who gives him a medicine, to avoid me spelling it wrong, lets call it Med A. He begins to use Med A only to realize that it does more harm to him than good. He is then informed about a new medicine Med B that works wonders. But plot twist, it isn’t sold in the US because it hasn’t got the approval just as yet. SO Matthew decides to travel to Mexico in order to get Med B, an illegal act that he performs in the guise of a priest. He comes back to America where he finds out that there are plenty more people who are looking for an alternative to Med A and are willing to pay a lot for it. And thus begins a cycle. He goes to Mexico, buys the drugs, come back and sells it. The group that he sells to becomes the Dallas Buyers Club. He then comes into contact with Jared Leto, playing a transgender woman who also has AIDS. She helps the spread of his empire. And while extremely set-in-his-own-ways Matthew can’t stand the idea of working with a transgender, he eventually comes to respect and even become friendly with Jared. The empire spreads rapidly and far, and several different Buyers Clubs are established in the entire country.  Eventually Matthew comes back into contact with Jennifer Garner who understand that Med B is the way forward and despite regulation issues begins to prescribe Med B to patients rather than Med A.
Eventually a lot of police and crime watch later, this biographical movie concludes with saying that the government allowed Med B to be legally sold in the US.
The story is a very strong one and when you watch it it’s impact is quite powerful on you.
The filming is beautifully down and there exists these wonderful seamless sequences especially while filming all the scenes in the desert.
Leaving that entire bit aside, the thing that takes the cake for me was the acting. The amazing talent of both Matthew and Jared shines through, including their extreme weight loss and in the case of Jared his transformation into a woman, which literally blew my mind. One other thing that made me fall head over heels in love with this movie was the clever and enigmatic use of a brilliant background score.  It wells up when it is required and slows down when not. It works really well with the scenes that are going on in the foreground.
Watch the movie because I have given you too many reasons that saying no will be embarrassing.

The Good: It is based on a true story. And frankly does justice to the story.

The Bad: It will make you cry. Tremendously. And for a long time.

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